Monday, June 28, 2021

The Magic is back! August 19, 2021.

 Confetti Eddie Magic returns to Dallas August 19 at Four Day Weekend Comedy Lower Greenville. 

For Tickets and Showtimes Visit: Here

                                                 Photo by Desiree Vera.

Confetti Eddie’s Magic Show is a magic performance with a theme about discovering the treasures inside of ourselves. Confetti Eddie weaves magic into a story of a Mayan prince lost in the jungle. The prince discovers a two headed jaguar. The jaguar teaches the prince how to find his way by looking inside himself for the path home. 

Confetti Eddie’s Magic Two Headed Jaguar is an interactive performance that features parlor magic, illusions and a little something else.  The doors open at 8 p.m. CST and the show starts at 9 p.m. CST. Tickets are $30 to $40 and can be purchased online thru This one night only performance is at Four Day Weekend Comedy at 5601 Sears St. Dallas, TX 75206 (817) 226-4329. Ages 18 and up welcome. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Confetti Eddie Voyager Dallas Q&A 2021.


Confetti Eddie interview with Voyager Dallas. 
Read the interview HERE.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mandolini Confetti Eddie Magic 2021

Mandalorian the Magician
By Confetti Eddie
Mandolini is a 45minute all-ages interactive virtual show that combines the art of magic with The Mandalorian television show’s story plot. Magicians and mandalorians both use gimmicks and technology to gain advantages make escapes and create misdirection.
Take a trip to the galaxy’s edge with Confetti Eddie and play Mandolini’s challenge. Find the name and location of a bounty. Use force magic to correctly match Grogus prediction then upgrade your armor as a final reward. Fans of the television show will enjoy the references. Fans of magic will enjoy the illusions.

For tickets and show times visit One ticket good for entire household. Meeting room and passcode information is emailed along with receipt once ticket is purchased.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Virtual Magic & Mentalism #2

Confetti Eddie and friends dive deeper into what it means to host a virtual magic show with this second installment.
Virtual Magic and Mentalism #2 
Friday December 18, 2020 8 p.m. CT. 
With guest Magician Javy Poker and Mentalist Ritchy Flo. 
Tickets at Prekindle
Javy Poker
Magician and actor Javy Poker graduated with honors from the ENAT (National School of Theater Art) in 2018.
He began his stage studies at the Museo Universitario del Chopo. Later he entered the Center for Artistic Education "Diego Rivera". Participates in various theatre festivals including “Vamos Que Venimos", in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Javier obtained recognition for best performance.
He has been a magician for 20 years. Winning international magic competitions and being invited to various lectures in Mexico.
In 2018 he was a beneficiary of FONCA (National Fund for Culture and the Arts) in the category of cabaret actors, creating his one-man show "La DesilusiĆ³n de la IlusiĆ³n"
Ritchy Flo 
Ritchy Flo is a mentalist and rap musician, he combines his smooth lyrical style with his quick mind reading abilities. He has a fun infectious personality, and knows how to keep audiences engaged and laughing.  

Monday, November 9, 2020

Virtual Magic and Mentalism - Confetti Eddie

Magician Confetti Eddie has adapted to the pandemic by moving his magic show online. 
He is currently creating magic designed to fool virtual audiences. 
Confetti Eddie invites you to experience his new show.
Virtual Magic and Mentalism. 
VMM is an online interactive magic show. Spectators perform with Confetti Eddie remotely using ordinary household objects they provide. 
The virtual shows begin Friday November 20, 2020. 8 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. CT. Performances continue thru January 1, 2021. 
For tickets and all show times visit the online box office HERE
Special guest mentalist Alan Paoletti.
Alan Paoletti swears he’s not a psychic but his demonstrations of telepathy, ESP and psychokinesis along with a host of other psychological phenomena leave audiences baffled.


An award winning national corporate entertainer, he travels the country connecting hearts (and minds) to one another.



He is also a respected teacher of magic and consults on various projects for other magicians on TV.  Including his own cameo appearances on Penn and Tellers "Fool Us" and "Masters of Illusion".

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Silly Magic - Tricks and Giggles

Confetti Eddie's Magic Parlor presents: Silly Magic tricks and giggles.
Silly Magic is a 90 minute show featuring magic and all things silly from clowning to silent vaudeville. Confetti Eddie and company explore the comical side of magic. Silly Magic is an all ages show featuring magicians , comedians and variety performers.Audiences can expect to see acts that tickle your funny bone.
The show premieres with select dates. Jan 11 , jan 18 , jan 25 , 2020 with a soft opening December 28, 2019. Tickets are $20-30. The show is inspired by Mad Magazine's Mad Books of Magic by artist Al Jaffee. In those books Al Jaffee portrayed magicians not as suave masterful magi but more of the bumbling accidental wizards. the books were filled with spoofs of classic magic and illusions. Confetti Eddie is exploring those volumes to bring to life the spirit of Mad Magazines silly take on magic.

Prekindle box office link : HERE

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