Thursday, March 23, 2023

Confetti Eddie at Dallas Comedy Club 4/29/23

Confetti Eddie returns to Deep Ellum with two new shows, Kuhn-Fet-Oh, and Kuhn-Fet-Oh, Oh, Oh! 

Confetti Eddie will be performing two shows at Dallas Comedy Club on Saturday, April 29th.

The first show at 5pm, will be family-friendly, while the second show, at 10pm, will be geared towards adults and feature members of DaisysOneWorld entertainment.

Eddie’s show will explore the use of confetti, its history and all of its magical properties. His unique style of magic combines sleight of hand with colorful paper and sweet candy to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

Confetti Eddie, a student at Jeff McBride’s Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, has immersed himself deeper into the art of magic and storytelling. Thanks to McBride’s mentorship program, Confetti Eddie has become a star student and continues to hone his skills. 

Don’t miss your chance to see Confetti Eddie in action! Get your tickets today. 

Tickets for both shows are available online or at the venue. 

Dallas Comedy Club is located at 3036 Elm St, Dallas, Texas 75226. 


Link for 5pm show HERE, Link for 10pm show HERE

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Create a Confetti Moment

 Create a confetti moment with Confetti Eddie Magic.

Poster Illustration by Ever Elizalde. 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Confetti Eddie Blows His Mind

More insanity from Confetti Eddie with guest mentalist Alan Paoletti.

Tickets HERE

Join us for magic and illusions with award winning magician Confetti Eddie and Alan Paoletti.

Confetti Eddie’s magic show features parlor magic, illusions, and a little something else. Confetti Eddie will host the show his magic combines storytelling and sleight of hand to create a one-of-a-kind experience for each audience.

The theater is spacious with cabaret seating and a balcony. 

Alan Paoletti swears he’s not a psychic but his demonstrations of telepathy, ESP and psychokinesis along with a host of other psychological phenomena leave audiences baffled.

An award winning national corporate entertainer, he travels the country connecting hearts (and minds) to one another.

He is also a respected teacher of magic and consults on various projects for other magicians on TV.  Including his own cameo appearances on Penn and Tellers "Fool Us" and "Masters of Illusion".

The Metal Corner

The Metal Corner  with Joseph Rake and Confetti Eddie. 

This month, my interviewee is the artistic and inimitable Confetti Eddie! Eddie has long been a member of the Dallas Magic Club in good standing. Through a mutual acquaintance I found out that he not only likes heavy metal music, but he’s interested in possibly sharing the stage with local metal bands. I personally look forward to shows that include both magic and metal! Now, on to the interview. 

TMM: Tell me about your heavy metal background please. 

CE: Me and my friends would go see local bands play in our neighborhood. I was into bands like Metallica and Slayer and always looked for heavy bands like that to see live. I still like most of the old heavy metal and thrash bands I grew up with. I also like newer bands like Ghost and Bullet for my Valentine. Recently saw Morta Death, and Suzy Moon. Morta Death was Heavy. Suzy Moon had the right energy with a great live set. 

TMM: You mentioned to me that you did punk rock magic shows in the past. Can you elaborate? 

CE: In the 90's I was a bartender at a punk rock club The Bar of Soap. I would perform magic while bartending. I also played bass guitar. I would add magic pyro effects to my bass rig and shoot fireballs at live shows. Most recently I was part of an art show that all of a sudden turned into a punk jam out front when a couple of the artists broke out drums and a bass. I was inspired so I started performing magic inside the gallery. After the event we decided we should try that again. We had the gallery for a month so we planned a couple more receptions. I opened the outdoor music part of the gallery show with magic then later I performed a straightjacket escape in the crowd while the band played. 

TMM: What are some of your thoughts on how magic and heavy metal could best enhance each other? 

CE: Metal and magic have a thread that connects them, examples can be found on heavy metal album cover art, some of the fantasy illustrations are very much in the magic realm. I think some of the more bizarre magic and fast paced danger style acts including side show would work great for the live music scene. I would use the same lighting and video system that the bands use for their rock shows only I would dial in the gear for magic instead. With a little careful planning a good magic set could add to the music that will follow. I think the key is to add mystery suspense and keep the energy up. 

TMM: Last time I remember you joining a DMC meeting as a guest speaker it was to discuss how best to do magic over the internet, i.e. Zoom. Would you like to give any updates on any progress toward that front or experiences you've had in that area? 

CE: Keep it simple. Now that we seem to be moving past the pandemic, I have been focusing more on live in person shows. During the pandemic I hosted many virtual magic shows. I also created a virtual magic show that followed the storyline of the Disney plus television show The Mandalorian. I made two episodes that followed the events from season one and two. It turned out that the Mandalorian season three was not going to be released for several years and without source material I decided to shelve my virtual show. I didn't follow up with any other virtual shows, instead I started focusing on the magic I would soon be performing live. 

TMM: You are one of the few magicians in the DFW area who had a regular public show. Do you have thoughts on the differences in the challenges between trying to maintain regular work as a public-show magician vs. as a private-gig magician? 

CE: I am more comfortable performing on stage where I can have everything ready for the audience. I am not very comfortable going to someone's house to perform. On the rare occasion I will perform at a corporate event as long as everything seems to be in place. I am a very organized performer and I like things to go smoothly. When I go out to a bar or restaurant chances are I have a piece of magic with me and if the vibe is right I will share it with people that are around me. Sometimes I get booked to perform at a restaurant and I like to bring my card table so I have a station to perform from. 

Confetti Eddie is once again doing public shows at least once a month. To learn more, connect with him on Facebook at 

See you in future articles! 

Yours in magic, 

Joseph Rake 

“The Metal Magician” 

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Best Thing To Do in Dallas Confetti Eddie

 Confetti Eddie and his insane magic show make the Best Things To Do in Dallas list by the Dallas Observer. 

Read the mention HERE

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Confetti Eddie His Insane Magic Show


Dallas Magician Confetti Eddie begins a new monthly magic series at Four Day Weekend Comedy in Dallas on Lower Greenville. His Insane Magic Show will feature a rotating cast of magicians and variety performers. Teaming up with Confetti Eddie in June is magician Braden Daniels and variety performer Skabz The Clown. 

Magician Braden Daniels is the resident magician at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, Texas. He brings his unique combination of magic, storytelling, and improvisational comedy to the show. 

Skabz The Clown is the bad clown of Houston sideshow, his pranks and stunts earned him and his pet tarantula an appearance on The Gong Show. 

Confetti Eddie’s insane magic show features parlor magic, illusions, and a little something else.

Tickets HERE