Monday, November 30, 2009

Lighting and Video Background for The Ruby Revue at the Texas Theater

I've been lucky to have worked on several projects with Elisa Davis of the Ruby Revue. Most memorable was the Dallas Burlesque Festival earlier this year in which we were nominated for a best of Dallas award.Elisa wanted to shoot a video and asked me to help with lighting and some background footage.

So, we went back to the stage at The Texas Theater , they recently acquired a movie screen . Elisa and I decided to project old black and white motion picture logos on the screen behind the dancers.I also projected paparazzi camera men snapping photos of the girls.
The choreography was intense and the dancers had a lot of attitude . Elisa has her own take on burlesque and it shows in the routine.Can't wait to see the video.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Sculpture at the Esplanade - Fair Park

Tenor was created for the Centennial Exposition by Lawrence Tenney Stevens in 1936 . The nude was made of aluminum and probably melted down during World War II to help with war efforts.
David Newton recently re-created the statue with plans to add the female Contralto as part of bringing back some of the missing history of Fair Park.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

stage design for art con 5

my dreams have come true, this year I'm working with Courtney Miles and her set builders to create the stage look, lighting and video design for art con 5. here are a few preliminary sketches. This design is based on the dynamic cube, a square on edge. the pyramid stack of cubes is reminiscent of the 80's arcade game q-bert.