Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cymon with Skeleton Print and Cymon Camo

Here's a few more shots of Cymon. I can't get enough of this character!
I'm almost finished with Reggie the Racoon , and will be posting him up soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buddha Skeleton . cast resin 2008

Very much inspired by Gunther Von Hagen's BodyWorlds. The challenge was to sculpt a figure so that you could see inside the body. I made the original out of wire and aluminum foil. A thin layer of sculpey was applied to cover and define the features. I was very pleased when i finished this one. Making the mold was tricky because of the negative space in between the arms and the seated position. I learned alot from this piece and felt confident enough to start working on my next character.

Cymon Mk 7 1/2 " cast resin figure

I really enjoyed working on these guys , it seemed so effortless .I'm glad i took the time to refine my wire and foil technique .
I finally got a character that gave me options. He could be different colors, the facial expressions could change and i also made two different accessories a pipe wrench and a paint brush. My street guys would hold a pipe wrench and my creative types would carry a paint brush.
Not only that... some of them got spikes on their boots! Over all i was pleased with Cymon and the paint designs are endless. I'm currently working on his sidekick . Reggie, a sidewalk city dwelling Racoon. He's cool. I'll show you when he's done.