Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cymon Mk 7 1/2 " cast resin figure

I really enjoyed working on these guys , it seemed so effortless .I'm glad i took the time to refine my wire and foil technique .
I finally got a character that gave me options. He could be different colors, the facial expressions could change and i also made two different accessories a pipe wrench and a paint brush. My street guys would hold a pipe wrench and my creative types would carry a paint brush.
Not only that... some of them got spikes on their boots! Over all i was pleased with Cymon and the paint designs are endless. I'm currently working on his sidekick . Reggie, a sidewalk city dwelling Racoon. He's cool. I'll show you when he's done.


fuzzbuzz said...

I get to see his face! Good job!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

thanks fuzzbuzz ! as soon as i get more pics i'll put them up.

wait'll you see my monkey's sidekick!!


Lola said...

Cool! Love'em. Can't wait to get back to casting

ric bowden said...

great stuff keep it coming!!!