Sunday, August 29, 2010

Video Projection for Dia De Los Toadies

The 3rd Annual Dia De Los Toadies . Location: White Water on the Horse Shoe , New Braunfels, Texas . Saturday Aug.28th 2010.
Live video projection on a triangle shaped screen. With art direction from Clark of the Toadies I was able to create a set of visual images that we projected onto the screen during their rock show.
Special Thanks To Clark Vogeler , Sven Vogeler , Karen Brophey, Tony Barsotti and Ric Bowden.Thanks everyone I had a blast so much fun!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video Diamonds for ISHI

Video mapping on Panels.
Edward Ruiz 2010
Designing , building and projecting media for the band ISHI.
These photos were taken at a ranch just outside Dallas county . It turned out to be a great location to try out the new set , my first live show / rehearsal with the band.

One of my first tests was out on the sidewalk. Back at the studio I spent time creating original visuals to go along with each of the bands songs. Once the visuals were created it was just a matter of loading them into my software, then mapping the projection onto the panels.

Piece of cake ... looks like i'm in the zone...