Friday, February 28, 2014

Next Magic Show April 25th 2014

Interested in attending my Studio Tour and Magic Show? Buy tickets here: SIDETOUR

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video and Lighting for Sarah Jaffe at Granada Dallas 2014

Working with Sarah Jaffe for a second time was great , this time we added a fresh perspective to a long time venue The Granada in Dallas . Read the review from the show HERE.

"What set this night apart from her many sold-out shows around town were the correlating videos. Almost every song had its own digital montage splashed across the screens, making the evening feel more like an art installation than the usual concert. While some were simplistic scenes from nature or shapes, others were a sort of remix from the original music videos. Most notable was the chopped-up version of “Glorified High,” featuring 11-year-old Emily Hoffman break-dancing and moon-walking to the fuzzy, electronic track. "Dallas Morning News Guide Live . photos by Tami Thomsen.

Read another review from the show HERE.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Private Studio Tour and Magic Show

It has been a pleasure inviting guests over to my personal studio and performing close up parlor magic . Check out a review of my first studio tour HERE .

"Ruiz builds his own props and sets. An artist and tinkerer from an early age, he has a limitless capacity for innovation. He's done lighting for Erika Badu, had extensive success in video, sculpture and two-dimensional art, and now he's included himself in the execution of those merged media through a performative routine of classic sleight-of-hand. And while that may seem an unconventional path, it's extremely artful and unified, making the show a stylish extension of his talents." Dallas Observer Blogs . Special thanks to Jamie Laughlin for visiting the studio and the review.