Monday, June 22, 2015

Magic Burlesk & Sideshow July 31, 2015

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Magicians evolved from pulling rabbits out of hats to crafting modern day media spectaculars, but many of these mind-twisting tricks build upon illusions of the past. Head to magician Confetti Eddie’s private studio as you get an insider’s peek into the history of magic and a workshop where the tricks themselves are built. Then you’ll sit down for a dazzling magic performance and get the chance to speak with the performers after the show.
MagiciansTrigg Watson and Confetti Eddie will perform magic and Illusions in a parlor setting.
Also on the show sideshow performer Jai Le Bai and burlesque and circus performer Bethany Summersizzle .
This is going to be a fun night Bethany and I are doing an act together and she will be performing some aerial hoop .

Trigg Watson is competing in the World Championships of Magic in Italy this July ,  you'll get a chance to see some of his traveling stage show here !

 Bethany Summersizzle and Confetti Eddie have both performed at the prestigeous New Orleans Burlesque Festival. and the London Burlesque Festival .

Please Join Us July 31st .
Limited seating get your tickets asap.

Here's a nice little video piece the Dallas Observer did recently on Confetti Eddie .
Listen to a Podcast Interview featuring Confetti Eddie courtesy of the Dallas Morning News Mixed Media project.
 photo by Christopher Wynn