Sunday, January 8, 2012

Conduit Gallery :Project Room by Edward Ruiz

Outdoor projection on gallery exterior .
Also Exhibiting inside John Randall Nelson and Steven J. Miller
"CityScape 01"
Digital Projection on wood panels by edward ruiz .

Thank you Conduit Gallery , Nancy Whitenack and Danette Dufilho for the opportunity to show.
Also: Check out the review in D Magazine .

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Ruby Revue and Edward Ruiz

A nice little set piece I designed for the Ruby Revue Burlesque Show. With this set you can get a variety of different looks and effects by creatively using video and lighting.
A par can for silouettes , LED fixtures for coloring the screen and video to project graffics and moving images that compliment each act. Oh and Confetti at the end !
This set is perfect for the stage in the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues Dallas in which The Ruby Revue performs monthly.

Photos by Ben Britt.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hand Cast Resin 6inch Figure "Snarks the Rat"

Hand painted original by edward ruiz

original sketch of Snarks the Rat .

Resin figures

Silicone mold with resin cast Snarks

preparing for gallery exhibit

Day one of instal . Hang two panels and mount a projector.
After that I fired up the laptop and projected a scene .
I'm being featured in Conduit Gallery's project space January 7th 2012.
The title of my project is "Seen thru a window."