Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cymon is here to stay.

Vintage style painting of Cymon ,plus a few blanks to peak curiosities.
Yes i am getting back to my resin figures, and plan on dropping Reggie(my new character) in 2009.


Cordelia said...

Hey, cool. That's how I like it. I tried sending you an email, Eddie, but I don't think it worked. So here it is, copied and pasted:
Hi Eddie,
How's it going? How's Cymon doing? It's Cordelia up here in Canada. Just thought that I'd email people down there in Texas. I kinda wish I was there; it won't stop snowing here. Hey, next time you're in Good Records see if you can find a lino relief print I gave them. It's a greyscale picture of Tim's face ;), yeah... It's supposed to be hanging in a blue frame with red matting, but I don't know. I'm wondering if they put it up somewhere. Anyway, good luck with the little guys! Hope to hear,
Cordelia (Corey) Antone

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Boy i bet it's cold up in your part of the world! thanks for writing , how cool to meet you on the road and then see you in my own home town!
hope your visit here was fun.
i'll look for your print , i'd like to check out your technique.
best to you!

Karleen said...

Mickey called he wants his gloves back!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Karleen ! you little rascal ! You know Cymon and Mickey grew up in the same neighborhood. same time period too.

Cordelia said...

Holidays are almost over! I wanna start building up my blog with some photos of sculptures and stuff I've done. I bought a new laptop, it's not a mac though. Part of me is okay with that, they're somewhat more hype than anything else. Hey, IF they did put up my print keep in mind it was my first lino relief reduction thingie. Do you have any suggestions, comments or tips? I want to do some more reliefs. I feel like that was kinda my life for three weeks when I was doing it and now I have no life again ;P
Anyway, I hope to visit Texas again sometime soon! I'm thinking SXSW.

fuzzbuzz said...

Cymon is lookin' fresh and I like the new backgrounds you're doing. Looking forward to more characters from you- little character!