Tuesday, January 13, 2009

building Sets for Rock n Roll Bands:

Jonathan Tyler at my studio saluting the new JTNL set panels.

preliminary sketch

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights
are back on the road , but before they left dallas , I was asked to design something to add as a stage set for the live shows.
Well , we decided to use tapestries as back panels to enclose the band and provide the audience with the right vibe.
The set up is easy , an the impact is big. The guys sent a photo via mobile phone of the set up at their first show of this tour.

Thanks JT !! I hope you have a great tour!!
and thanks ric for helping us out!


newd acid said...

wow! nice and simple set up.

fuzzbuzz said...

cool, looks like a mandala or a persian rug design from here

Edward Ruiz Art said...

thanks guys!
we will probably add to the set when they come back . they are getting good feedback from the crowd and venues.

Cordelia said...

I like what you’ve done with the fabric. There almost seems to be a sense of movement within the patterns. Have you ever worked with moving images or video clips projected directly onto the stage, playing with the forms the musicians and instruments and equipment make? Like starting with a pattern isolated on the main singer’s shirt or something with the stage dark and slowly expanding the projected video to light the entire set, all the while keeping in mind the negative space behind objects, the fragmented background and the image distorted on the objects? Ha, I don’t know… could work or be incredibly cheesy. Anyway, keep going with this. It definitely seems to add a cool feel to the set!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Thanks Corey ! I'm always experimenting. I like your idea of using video souds possible and could be really cool. i need to find a new band to practice new ideas with.
when are you going to put some art on your blog so i can see?

Cordelia said...

Hi, Eddie. Posted some stuff on my blog, crappy pics though. Still have a bit to post (paintings, film photos, videos, ceramics). I’m obviously not very good at documenting though so a lot of my installations are a thing of the past : ( Hey, sometimes art just has to be experienced right?