Saturday, March 21, 2009

Joey Waldon with Soul or System live at Edward Ruiz Studio Gallery

Soul or System with Joey Waldon from edwardruiz on Vimeo.

Artist Joey Waldon was on hand to show of his painting skills live at the gallery during a performance by Soul or System.

Michael Allen the Projectionist for SOS was also Sharing his lastest sci-fi novel which features a soundtrack for every chapter. 6 disks total.
Push play another member of SOS , performs using modified toys as his musical instrument. a real circuit bender! Ricky Rasura of The Polyphonic Spree is also a member and lends his talent with the Harp. Beats provided by musician Mid-Air. Very cool combination of music and visuals a must see performance.
Thanks Soul or System !!


Cordelia said...

Very cool! Wow, your gallery looks good, Eddie! Especially like the MickeyD stuff. Awesome projecting and what a spin on musical toys. Oh, and there’s definitely a strangely eerie, yet pleasantly delightful sex appeal about that Joey guy.

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Thanks Corey! Joey Waldon is funny and fun to be around a real inspiration. He said he painted all the clown stuff during the Bush administration. The visuals for the show were far out , hope the video helped get the point across.
Since you couldn't make the opening this is the next best thing!!

edward ruiz

Cordelia said...

Yes, Eddie the video was actually really cool. Would loved to have made the opening, though. I know it was only 2000 km, but hey I have exams comin’ up… ; )

parkerhawn vintage said...

Hey Edward - Came in during the art event on Thursday with Lindsay. SOOOO sorry I had to rush out (the alcohol finally hit my head) but I did want to talk with you about doing a collaboration fashion/art thing this summer maybe? Check out my website & swing by my shop off Lemmon. Would love to talk with you some more about the idea. By the way - that mid-air CD you gave me is FANTASTIC. I've been listening to it all day - LUV IT!!!