Sunday, April 19, 2009

Attack of the Designer Toy Show *Avenue Arts Venue* Saturday April 18th 2009

Nakanari "Bakuza" custom Frugi

Scott Higgins "Brass Kettle Bot" and "Golden Idel" custom Frugi

N'Reazon custom Frugi and Billy Syn Resin figure

Jason Milstead custom Frugi

Scott Higgins "Billy and Joe" custom Frugi

Jason Ice custom Frugi

Edward Ruiz Cymon and Reggie "Expo Park Locals" Resin figure

Edward Ruiz Cymon and Reggie "street performers"

Steven Vogeler Rudy Resin figure

Ric Bowden KillBot3000 Resin figure

Ross Brown Devil Resin figure

Scott Higgins Smoking Lung Resin figure

The Spring Art Walk was a perfect setting for the Designer Toy Show. Art Lovers and toy enthusiast mingled throughout the night.It was great meeting other artists interested in making toys as well as just talking to fans of the work. Thanks to all that came out and everyone involved, the gallery opened early at 6pm and it was busy till 1am! From the response we received I look forward to the next one.
Artists: Nakanari,Scott Higgins,N'Reazon,Jason Milstead,Jason Ice,Edward Ruiz,Steven Vogeler,Ric Bowden and Ross Brown.
Special thanks to D.E.E.P!
P.S. we got a great Feature on TOYCYTE , looks like the word is getting out ! Thanks Jeremy!!


Cordelia said...

Hey, Eddie! You homies look taller than I thought they were; I like their lllaaankiness. So how was Record Store Day?

Radioactive said...
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David said...

you toys were the best of the show! Dope job Ed!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Thanks guys ! i'll be adding more photos as soon as possible, and hope fully write a proper review , I'm still recovering from the weekend. Check back soon.

Cordelia said...

Zounds like it was quite fun!

Philip Reed said...

Beautiful show. I'm serious about you guys holding a show here in Austin. Domy Books has space for exhibits and already puts on different events.

monsterBOT said...

Great Write up on ToyCyte! Checking out the book store in Austin might be a cool thing to do. I'm in!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

hey corey i've tryed commenting on your blog but somethings wrong , i was going to tell you about record store day.

e-mail me directly at

Cordelia said...

So I was posting in the wrong freakin' account.

Cordelia said...

Hey, no postings in like a month! Normal for me because I’m lazy and boring, but what up wit ch’all? Cymon and Reggie get new friends or anything recently?

Edward Ruiz Art said...

i'm slacking!! not really , i'll get a new post up soon ... sorry my work at the museum was keeping me busy. i've got new guys to show off !!! hang tight!!

Nathan Cavitt said...

Yo wheres the custom toy scene in Dallas/Texas??? PLEASE keep me updated because I havent found one show yet :( and I missed the April 18th one!