Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Magic at the Dallas Burlesque Festival #5 2013

photo by Karlo X. Ramos
Getting back into magic has been so much fun ! Having the opportunity to perform stage Illusions is a dream come true ! Right Now I am researching classic Illusions and re-vamping them with a touch of burlesque. My latest Illusion is a classic known as the Mismade Lady .

The Mismade Lady has it's origins from an older Illusion known as the stacked box .Where boxes are stacked and your lovely assistant appears. The idea to mismake the lady came much later by an american Illusionist named Chuck Jones. Since then it has become a classic in magic and I am fortunate to be able to perform it and hopefully add my own personality to the Illusion.

Thank You Dallas Burlesque Festival. If you'd like to see more photos from the dallas burlesque festival click here or here .


Barry Kooda said...

Very cool, Eddie!
When I was talking to Charles, I said that I liked the Arm illusion but it would be great if you did a full body version.
Good work!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

Thanks Barry !!