Monday, August 31, 2009

Blk Cat Crew

Cymon is more explosive than ever, sporting his new blk cat gear and beanie spike. Cymon is ready to hit the town in style but remember don 't give him any attitude big things come in small packages. cymon blk cat stands 7 and 1/2 inches tall , hand cast resin.

also: cymon blanks are now available at Artsspace.


Lord Sketch said...

Hey man, really love your work.

If you can spare a moment I have a question -
I'm working on my own resin figure and was wondering - what kind of resin do you use?

Sorry for the hassle, I just don't know who to ask :)
thanks a heap!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

no prob , Lord Sketch , I use a lot of the smooth on products. these were made with smooth cast 321.

Karleen said...

That's a good lookin' figure you gots goin'on mister monkey man!