Sunday, September 20, 2009

Part A + Part B = Toy

Things are really coming together here in dallas texas , our 3rd resin show and by the turn out we are here to stay. Once again we are meeting new toy designers and collectors . Seems like the word is getting out. Thank you to all who participated . The show had everything you could ask for . Customs , Mash-ups and Resin hand casts.

Dj. Mr. Rid created a toy themed soundtrack filled with sound effects , old toy jingles and popular songs about toys. For extra effect a video was compiled and projected onto the gallery wall, it visually re enforced the theme of the exhibit.

The first night comic book artist Kristian Donaldson painted live in the gallery the second night we left out sharpie markers and tacked up drawing paper for a public mural.It was a hit!

Not only were people buying and talking about the toys they were also photographing them as well, this show seemed to have a large number of shutterbugs . They zoomed in and snapped photos of their favorite toys! How Fun! special thanks to Scott Higgins of MonsterBot Studios.


Cordelia said...

Looks like all had tons o' fun, Eddie! Love that top pic of Reggie!

Edward Ruiz Art said...

thanks , yeah i was pretty busy the first night so i missed out on getting photos of the live painting!

Karleen said...

Reggie est très beau, et très photogénique. Félicitations!